Image of AZAR


Our second album, AZAR. Recorded with Scott Solter. Released in 2009 on the One Percent Press label.

1. Azar One
2. Ryan's Song
3. Okay
4. Azar Two
5. Wetlands Dance Hall
6. Young Master Sunshine
7. Azar Three
8. Sun Belt
9. Iron Range
10. Azar Four
11. Charm City

"[AZAR] feels like an old friend; a mellow orchestral pop album soaked in limpid pools of keyboard, Low/Ida vocal harmonies...and subtly psychedelic touches" – Magnet

"...a foggy, majestic collection of slowcore anthems" – Under The Radar

"Venice is Sinking has appeal that can transcend those who simply like slow music...sitting still during the playing of AZAR, while certainly acceptable, wouldn't do it proper justice. Four stars." – Venus

"Venice is Sinking rivals the best ambient rock bands. The harmonies and orchestral feel of the tracks transcend their genre, making it not simply slow music, but experimental, uplifting, and fascinating." – Paste

"...back with their sophomore album AZAR, they have outdone themselves in every way." – Popmatters

"...some of lushest, most beautifully orchestrated pop I’ve heard this year." – NPR

"...AZAR finds Venice Is Sinking expanding on the orchestral, ambient, pop that initially caught my ear invoking the mellower side of Yo La Tengo/Mojave 3." – Aquarium Drunkard